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Family Accident Reimbursement Plan - Voluntary Insurance |

Family Accident Reimbursement Plan - Voluntary Insurance

The Family Accident Reimbursement Plan has replaced the Kids Plus Voluntary Plan.

Our insurance partner, iA Financial Group, is now offering a new comprehensive accident insurance plan with a critical illness component designed for the whole family. 

The Family Accident Reimbursement Plan is ideal for supplementing costs not covered by your provincial health insurance or existing employer extended health and dental plans. Regardless of the size of your family, all eligible family members – one adult, one spouse and any number of dependent children – can be insured under the one low monthly rate of $39.95. 

Your coverage also includes a critical illness component, which pays out a lump-sum amount if any of the covered individuals are diagnosed with one of the covered conditions. Plus, the money can be spent however you need. Use it to pay medical expenses, take care of bills or cover income lost due to recovery. That’s one less thing to worry about while you, or someone in your family, recovers from a serious illness. 

For further information on the Family Accident Reimbursement Plan or to find out more, visit